ST1-C Global Bill Acceptor by AstroSystems 120V AC

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ST1-C Global Bill Acceptor by AstroSystems 120V AC

The popular Global Bill Acceptor, GBA, is a widely distributed and accepted bank note reader, which is renowned for its simplicity, reliability and capacity to accept a wide range of world currencies. The GBA ST1-C is a versatile, multi-orientation bank note reader which is designed for those compact applications that require minimal height clearance in either an upwards or downwards note stacking orientation. It is a global product, which can be used in any application with notes up to 70mm in width. With its technologically advanced “Sense Technology” note validation platform, secure note cassette and internalized connections between upper and lower housings, the ST1-C is a sleek, compact and affordable solution for its market place. 

Key features:

  • A wide range of interfaces including : Parallel, Pulse, Serial, MDB, ccTalk
  • UL Model for North America Use Only
  • Accepts up to 32 notes, in 4 directions (max note width 70mm) 
  • Accepts USD $1 - $100 bills
  • Illuminated, flashing note guide as standard 
  • Stylish fascia 
  • Internal connections between housing components 
  • Single Note Escrow 
  • FLASH download capabilities 
  • Sensor auto-calibration 
  • Push-button, on board diagnostics 
  • Secure, lockable (optional) removable note cassette 
  • Comprehensive GBA Talk software support package 
  • Simple access to the internal ST1-C note path for maintenance 

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