Nudge / Skill Games

31st May 2022

Skill games allow the player to use their skill level and knowledge to potentially earn rewards from the game. Customers enjoy these games because they can continuously come back to learn and practice in an attempt to improve their odds of winning. In conjunction with the thrill of advancing their skill, your customers will enjoy the experience that these games provide. W … read more

A Supreme Skill Game

9th May 2022

Supreme is an exciting 5-in-1 skill game with Bonus Game, Free Game, and Jackpot features. With Supreme's variety of game types and features, you have everything you could want all in one package!Join the newsletter to stay connected! … read more

SKYRISER - A Towering Skill Game Experience

2nd May 2022

Reaching over 7 feet tall, SKYRISER will turn heads and keep your customers' attention.Featuring 2 high-resolution monitors, updated graphics cards, and enhanced audio system, SKYRISER is one the best looking and sounding systems in the industry today. This 6-in-1 game is equipped with an updated, board-wide, Progressive Wheel Bonus. The SKYRISER system is available i … read more

Golden Ocean from Ocean King 3 Plus

19th Apr 2022

Golden Ocean is the latest offering from Ocean King 3 Plus. With 4 jackpots, 10 mini games and 3 new bosses, this game has a lot to offer! This kit can be set up for 4, 6, 8, or 10 players. Ocean King 3 Plus has been making all of the great fish games you love for years and years. Golden Ocean is an exclusive title that you will only find with us!Join our newsletter to sta … read more

Aurora World Famous Now Available!

15th Apr 2022

The Aurora series of games from Jenka Lab are among the #1 selling games on the market today. With some of the highest quality graphics in the industry, wide variety of games, optional preview feature, and a payout system that keeps clientele coming back to play. Call and see why so many of our clients are rushing to get one of these multi-games in their locations today!Join ou … read more
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