Fledgling Runt Board

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Fledgling Runt Board

  • Replaces the Gaggle Board and the Fledgling Board
  • Works with the Mutha Goose Print System and Ciao Baby Credit Up System (Sold Separately)
  • Each Machine Connected to the Mutha Goose or Ciao Baby Systems Must Have a Fledgling Runt Board Installed
  • Board Can Operate from +5VDC - +24VDC With No Compromise in Reliability
  • Improved ESD/Lightning Protection
  • 9 Square Inches as Opposed to 25 Square Inches for the Original Fledgling Board
  • Nonvolatile FRAM Memory Means There is No Battery to Go Dead in the Future
  • No DIP Switches On the Runt Board
  • Runt Board Uses a MicroSD with an INI File on it
  • Machine # Can be set to 1 - 99
  • To Change Machine #, You Need an Adaptor for the MicroSD Card (Not Included)


  • One Fledgling Runt Board
  • One Power Harness
  • One Input Harness (Connects to Mutha Goose for Credit Out)
  • One Output Harness (Connects to Ciao Baby for Credit Up)

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