Mutha Goose System with Printer

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Mutha Goose Print System

  • Master Print System
  • Up to 63 Machines Can Use a Single Master Printer Station
  • Fully Stored Bookkeeping
  • Operator Can Reprint Last Five Monetary Transactions
  • Sequential Mode Allows the Automatic Switching to a Backup Printer
  • Uses Cat 5 Network Wiring
  • Custom Location Header Can be Programmed
  • Machines are Linked "Daisy Chain" Style From One Machine to the Next
  • One Machine Down Does Not Affect the Other Machines
  • RS-485 Protocol for Maximum Reliability
  • Brown Out and Watch Dog Protection Prevents Tampering with System
  • Tampering With Wires Can Not Produce Illegitimate Vouchers!
  • Easy to Bypass for Normal "Manual" Collect
  • Each Machine Connected to the System Needs to Have a Fledgling Board Installed (Sold Separately)
  • Optional Add-On: Ciao Baby Credit Up System (Sold Separately)


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