Maintenance & Training

7th Aug 2023

Maintenance & Training

Having properly trained technicians and staff can be the difference between a profitable machine and a big eyesore collecting dust.

Take the time to acquire user manuals, take detailed notes and learn about the main components in your machines. A technician who knows their error codes or other common issues can quickly get your machine back up and running.

Often times issues arise due to user error and accidental changing of settings. Taking the time to learn, or having someone on staff who is knowledgeable in the field, will help prevent this issue from happening in the first place or be able to correct it with ease.

Occasional maintenance and cleaning of machines can go a long way as well. Carefully removing dust and spilled liquids from the inside of machines is essential. Using products such as sensor cleaning cards on bill validators, for example, is another great way to boost the lifetime of your components.

Another measure to take is to purchase spare components. Having a duplicate bill validator at the ready will allow you to swap it out and keep the profits rolling in. Printers, game boards, buttons, monitors, etc. are key components that you should have duplicates of incase an issue arises and you need to send a part out for warranty repair.

Having some technical knowledge and spare components can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Parts out for repair can take weeks or months to get back and leave you with less profits. Properly training yourself and/or technicians is the fastest way to repair an issue.

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