NEW Pre-Reveal Game

14th Nov 2013

Attention Florida operators and all operators looking for pre-reveal games, Great Lakes Amusement has the pre-reveal games you need to run. Introducing the No Chance Game® platform, the name says it all.  The No Chance Game® platform eliminates the element of chance in the game, giving the player the opportunity to see up to the next 100 plays and allows them to play on or cash out and get their money back. The way it works is that a player inserts their money into the game and they have different play amounts to choose from, such as .25, .50, 1.00, 2.00, and 4.00. As long as the player has inserted enough money, they can see up to the next 100 plays for each play amount. This allows them to actually determine if they want to play or not, and completely eliminates the element of chance. 

No Chance Games

As an operator we know what your thinking , "how do I make any money if the player is going to look at what they may or may not win, and walk away if they see they won't at least make their money back?". If you step into the mind of a player and outside the operator point of view, a player is a risk taker. Even though they may not win their money back for the money they just put in, this doesn't mean they are going to cash out and walk away. They want to play through and see what the next set of outcomes will bring. They are looking for that big win, and will continue to play to try and find it. 

The finite nature of the games means there is guaranteed profit. The game has a predetermined number of each winning line, so once all the plays are ran through the game it starts over with a new finite pool. 

The games are very high quality with casino grade sounds, graphics, and bonus features and installation is a breeze. With no refills, no extra costs, and a quick and easy setup it is worth it to put No Chance Games® to work for you today.

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