Mayan Treasures by IGS

2nd Jan 2014

Give your players a new and exciting game to try!

The new Mayan Treasures game by IGS was truly designed with the player in mind. Using the same format as the popular games Captain Jack, Magic Show, Midnight Castle and others, it gives the player instant familiarity but with a new added element, 243 lines of play! Instead of the traditional 8, 9 or 25 lines of play, the player now has 243 different play lines to win on.


Mayan Treasures offers exciting visual bonuses and IGS took it to the next level with the way they present the WILD symbols in this game. The first, third and last reels carry the WILD symbols. When the player fills one of these reels with WILD symbols it activates one of the re-spin bonus features (Thunder, Tsunami and Volcano). The concept of this feature is similar to the new games in the big casinos. When the WILD symbols pass through the reels the game makes suspenseful music so the player can anticipate these symbols showing up. This keeps the players spinning because they are anticipating these WILD re-spins to happen soon. Click Here to watch a video of these WILD BONUSES in action.

Mayan Treasures has the ever popular touchscreen option. The game can be run using the control panel buttons, the touchscreen function or both. Mayan Treasures has 3 jackpots that can be set to Random or Progressive. To encourage higher play, the more the player wagers the higher the jackpot values go.

Give your players something above and beyond the average game with this great new release from IGS. Your players will truly appreciate it! More player appreciation means more play. More play means higher earnings. The formula is simple.

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