Mad Progressive Linking System

28th Aug 2013

Step Above The Competition!
With competition rising in the industry, you need that extra edge to keep the customers coming back.  Players want something more for their money, and Great Lakes Amusement has the solution.  The answer is the Mad Progressive linking system.  This progressive system allows you to award more winnings to your player, and also gives you the ability to promote the location the progressive is in.
With a friendly, quick, easy to setup user interface and quick installation you will be up and running in a limited amount of time.  Simply install the linking modules in each machine, run the cables and flip the system on.  The operator can create up to 10 different bonuses, name them what they want, and choose how often they want to award them.  With simple on screen setup, anyone can master the Mad Progressive system with ease. 
No matter how many machines you have to link (2 to 100+) the Mad Progressive linking system can handle it.  Install any type of display that handles VGA input on the wall and choose from 12 different eye catching displays to keep your customers entertained.  There are even holiday displays to change for different times of the year.
Give yourself the edge over the competition, and award your players more then just the games themselves.  Promote the location your machines are placed in by giving away drinks, food items, prizes, and even vacations!  Call us or order online today and begin earning more in your locations right away!
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