Coin Pusher Machines

2nd May 2013

Attention Amusement and Game Room Operators!

As operators you may be looking for game machines that give you a quick return on your investment. Coin Pushers are what you need and great items to add to your inventory. Coin Pushers are familiar to players of all ages and are easy to play. Most people, young and old, cannot resist the temptation emitted by these machines. Coin Pushers are also very easy to set up; just place the machine where you want it, make sure it is level, fill it up with quarters or tokens and it is ready for business!

To maximize play in your Coin Pusher be sure to "bait" it properly. Depending on local and state amusement laws in your area, there are several ways to entice players to play while promoting the location the machine is in. Some operators fold up different value dollar bills and place them on the play field filled with quarters or tokens so they move forward as coins are fed into the machine. Operators also place Free Beer, Free Mix Drink or Free Food tokens or Free Gas Cards on the play field for players to win to promote their location and keep the players coming back for more. Another idea is to use clay poker chips for giving away different items such as a digital camera, an MP3 player, a GPS unit, etc. Put a label with the name of the item that chip represents on the top of the chip for the player to see. On the underside of the chip put a code that will represent that item, and then put that code on the box of the item that is kept securely with the attendant. When a player wins a poker chip they can bring it the attendant to redeem their prize instantly.

Our Coin Pushers also come with the option to add a built-in changer. This allows players to put in currency and receive quarters or tokens valued at the amount they put into the bill acceptor. This allows the player to stay right at the machine and not have to leave to go find change somewhere else in the location. This also means that the attendants can focus on tasks other than making change for the amusement games. It is a great convenience that can be used to provide change for an entire location.

Coin Pushers do well in a wide variety of locations. Place them in your Tavern, Gas Station, Truck Stop, Restaurant, Service Station, Laundromat, or Game Room and start earning today!

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