New Roulette Game

15th May 2014

New Roulette Game

Are your players asking you to add a Roulette game to your selection of games for them to choose from? C12 II Roulette lets players play their favorite 38 number Roulette game at the privacy of their own machine. The advantage to the operator for running Roulette on a video machine is that the winning probability can be adjusted. Players like playing this game because they are able to place bets as 2 players, player 1 and player 2. It also offers a Bonus Jackpot where the total winning points will be 1 to 4 times of the total bet points. This video Roulette game still offers the Double-Up ("let it ride") option offered on the table game at the casino.

C12 II Roulette Multi-Game Board is convenient to install since it will plug into a standard 36/10 pin cherry master style harness or a 28 pin Jamma arcade harness. It has the option to run with a touchscreen to encourage higher play volume. If using a Jamma harness, the game can also be used with a joystick for operation.

This roulette game has a unique feature of having 8 amusement style games included on the same game board. By flipping a dip switch, these amusement games can be enabled and played by the players. Don't hesitate and add this video Roulette game to your inventory today! Order online or call 877-354-7544.

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