Ocean King 3 Plus Mermaid Legends Game Kit

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Ocean King 3 Plus Mermaid Legends Game Kit

Ocean King 3 Plus Mermaid Legends is the newest release for the very popular fish table games. This kit can be set up for four, six, eight or ten players. New features include Fast Bomb, Fire Storm, and Golden Treasure features, plus new Crab Monsters, the Mystic Dragon, new weapon Smash Hammer, Fast Bomb, Fire Storm,Golden Treasure and, of course, The Mermaid. Game kit includes game board,  I/O board and cable. 

Emperor Crab - When a player catches the Emperor Crab all of the fish on the screen will be attacked by multiple Emperor Crabs circling the screen
Darkness Monster - When a Darkness Monster is caught it will attack all of the fish from the center of the screen, there will be several attacks from the Darkness Monster
Ancient Crocodile - When the Ancient Crocodile is caught a Giant Crocodile will swim across the screen swallowing up a load of fish for prizes
Almighty Octopus - When the Almighty Octopus is caught the giant tentacles will reach across the screen catching every fish in its grasp
Fire Dragon - Catching a Fire Dragon will trigger a chain of massive explosions that will net every fish on the screen
Mystic Dragon - When the Mystic Dragon is caught several waves of quadruple Dragon attacks will help the player catch as many fish as possible
Super Bomb Crab - Catching a Super Bomb Crab will trigger a chained bomb attack with a chance to catch more fish in the wide explosion
Laser Crab - A Laser Crab will give a player one shot to catch everything in its wide path
Smash Hammer - Catching a Smash Hammer Crab will summon a huge Hammer to smash every fish on the screen
Roulette Crab - A Roulette Crab will trigger a Roulette bonus game
Lightning Fish - Catching a Lightning Fish will trigger the Lightning Chain
Vortex Fish - Catching a Vortex Fish will suck all fish of the same species in the area into a whirlpool

Price listed includes GAME KIT only. Full tables and quantity discounts are available. Please call 877-354-7544 for details! 

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