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24th Mar 2014

Cheating is something we face everyday in our industry. Just because we know it happens doesn't mean we can't do anything about it. We here at Great Lakes Amusement have security products we sell every day that help prevent cheating on the machines.

One way cheaters cheat is by fishing or stringing bills in the bill acceptors. This is when the player inserts a bill into the bill acceptor but has something attached to the bill to pull it back out once it registers onto the game. This allows them to credit up the machine and play plus get their money back. We offer anti-stringing devices for the Pyramid and the ICT bill acceptors. The Anti-Stringing Plate for Pyramid Stackers is a replacement stacker plate for the Pyramid Stacker bill acceptors and the ICT Anti-Stringing Security Clip is an additional piece for ICT Stacker bill acceptors. Both of these pieces are easy to install and are designed to shred the bill that the player is using to string the machine as they pull it out of the bill acceptor.

Another form of cheating occurs with printer tickets. It is very important that employees are educated on verifying the serial numbers printed on each ticket along with the date and time it was printed. Players can try to use tickets found at other locations or try to print their own tickets. One way to prevent this is to use Security paper in your printers. We offer Thermal Printer Security Paper with a Red SECURITY watermark on the face. Using security paper means that all winning tickets will have the same security watermark on them. This, combined with educating staff members about verifying serial numbers and date and time stamps, can eliminate ticket fraud at your locations.

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