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Mad Progressive Linking & Print System


Product Description

Mad Progressive Wireless Link System

Link All Your Games Together with One Wireless System!

Whether you are looking to link 2 or 100+ machines the Mad Progressive System is your solution. There are countless possibilities with this system to bring more customers in the door and make current customers more excited to play at your location. Plus, no more unsightly cables running from machine to machine!
Create up to 10 different bonuses! The values of the awards can be fixed or progressive. The awards can even be a gift prize, such as drinks or dinner, instead of a cash value prize. This system is great for taverns, c-stores/gas stations and game rooms. Give away free drinks, food, electronics, gas cards or even vacations! The Mad Progressive System is a great way to promote the location it is located in and is sure to generate more profit.  
With 12 different attractive displays, the operator has the ability to change the background display and keep it fun and entertaining all year long.  From holiday displays to regionally specific displays, there is a great variety of displays to choose from for any location.  You even have the ability to display your own designs or photos as the background display. Use your company logo, photos of your location or photos of winning players in your location for a unique look.
Anyone can set up the Mad Progressive System. From the new to the industry operator to the most experienced, installation is quick and easy! This system can also be used as a centralized remote printer behind the counter for all of your games, allowing you to securely have the game receipts printed in one location. This system allows for a convenient way to easily do a complete bookkeeping print out of credits in and credits out.
Go above and beyond just one location and link multiple locations together! The wide area progressive feature makes bonuses award faster when multiple locations join together. No one offers this much power in one package.
Begin increasing your machine play today and keep customers coming back for more!

System includes:

  • 1 x Print System Main Module
  • 5 x Wireless Game Modules
  • 1 x 15' HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Laser Trackball and Scroll Wheel
  • Quick Start Reference Guide for Easy Installation
  • Optional Sewoo Thermal Printer (+$275)

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