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Legendary Trio Game by IGS - VGA Multi-Game


Product Description

Legendary Trio Game by IGS - VGA Multi-Game

  • VGA
  • 3 in 1 Multigame
  • Touchscreen Option
  • Three 25 Liners
    • Sherwood Forest - 25 Liner
    • Hercules - 25 Liner
    • Captain Jack 2 - 25 Liner
  • 3 Jackpots Common to All Games - Can Be Set to Random or Progressive
  • Sherwood Forest Game Features
    • Dropping Feature - After Collecting Winnings, Winning Symbols will be Cleared with New Symbols Dropped Above to Fill All Empty Spaces, Then Re-collect if There is a Win. Game Repeats this Feautre Until There is No Winning Combination
    • Golden Arrow Feautre - When the Golden Arrow Appears on the 5th Reel, the Symbols Shot by Robin Hood will be Replaced with WILD Symbols to Increase the Winning Possibility
    • Archery Bonus Game - 3 SCATTER Symbols Appear in a Game to Trigger Bonus Game - Pick a Money Bag to Shoot and Win Either Prizes or Multiplier, Pick EXIT and Game is Over
    • Free Game - 3 SCATTER Symbols Appear in a Game to Trigger Free Game
    • Double Up Game - Select Robin Hood or Noble
  • Hercules Game Features
    • Labours of Hercules Feature - A Chance to Win Jackpot 1
    • Scatter Game - 3 SCATTER Symbols Appear in a Game to Trigger Scatter Game - Choose Bonus Game or Free Game
    • 3 Stage Bonus Game - Mission: Lernaean Hydra
    • Free Game
    • Double Up Game - Select Hercules or Hydra
  • Captain Jack 2 Game Features
    • Golden Cannon Feature
    • Wild Wave Feature
    • Scatter Game - 3 SCATTER Symbols Appear in a Game to Trigger Scatter Game - Choose Bonus Game or Free Game
    • 2 Stage Bonus Game - Players Can Select to TAKE or RETRY Bonus Game (Only One Chance to RETRY)
    • Free Game
    • Double Up Game - Select Pirate or Captain
  • Continuous Spin Feature
  • Hand Count Feature
  • Score Box/10X Feature
  • On Screen Set Up
  • Includes Game Manual
  • Price Above Includes Game Board ONLY, Machine Sold Separately
  • Connects to Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness
  • One Year Warranty

Add Legendary Trio Game to Cabinet (Price Listed Below is for Game Board and Machine):


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