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Blazing Bars Game By Dyna - VGA or CGA 8 or 16 Liner


Product Description

Blazing Bars Game By Dyna - VGA or CGA 8 or 16 Liner


  • VGA or CGA
  • 8 or 16 Liner (Operator Selectable)
  • Classic Fruit, Bar and Bell Themed Animated Graphics with Flame Boy (Fire Ball) Symbol
  • 2 Bonus Games
    • Pair Bar Bonus Games - 1-1-ANY, 2-2-ANY, 3-3-ANY
    • Count Bar Bonus Game
  • 1 Progressive or Fixed Jackpot
  • Free Game
    • 3 Scatters - 5 Games with 1 x Odds
    • 4 Scatters - 10 Games with 2 x Odds
    • 5 Scatters - 15 Games with 3 x Odds
    • Flame Boy Randomly Adds Scatters so the Number of Scatter Changes From 3 to 4, 3 to 5 or 4 to 5
  • Double Up Game - Guess if Flame Boy is on Left or Right
  • Hold Pair
  • Score Box Feature
  • Game Count Feature
  • Continuous Spin Feature
  • On Screen Set Up
  • Connects to Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness

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