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Diamond Skill Games I, II & III


Diamond Skill Games is a trio of skill multi game platforms. Diamond Skill Games I has five games in one and both the Diamond Skill Games II and III have three games in one. Diamond Skill Games I has four 1-Liners and one 25-Liner, Diamond Skill Games II has two 1-Liners and one 25-Liner while Diamond Skill Games III has one 1-Liner and two 25-Liners. The 1-Liners are the familiar Nudge games associated with most Georgia skill games. The 25-Liners have a brand new "Hot Swap" skill feature, the first of its kind.

Diamond Skill Games I

  • Searing Sevens - 1-Liner
  • Pedro’s Hot Tamales - 1-Liner
  • Classic Sevens - 1-Liner
  • Lucky Rubber Ducky - 25-Liner
  • Snake Eyes - 1-Liner

Diamond Skill Games II

  • Bonanza Bucks - 1-Liner
  • Fruity Sevens - 1-Liner
  • Mega Money Reel - 25-Liner

Diamond Skill Games III

  • Lucky Lollipop - 25-Liner
  • Lucky's Loot - 25-Liner
  • Frozen Sevens - 1-Liner

Kits are available to plug into a 36/10 pin Cherry Master Harness as well as the 28 pin Pot O Gold harness (specify when ordering). Full machines are also available. If you run skill games, you need to add this trio to your inventory!

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