WASP Online Accounting System

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WASP Online Accounting System


The WASP is a highly effective, wireless accounting system. WASP is an easy to use, quick plug and play solution to monitor the accounting in all of your locations. The WASP board provides effortless installation for your 8 liner games, Pot O Gold games, and many other 36/10 pin and 28 pin harness games. We can even adapt it to custom harnesses and other solutions such as Fish Games, Platinum touch, and anything that has a meter in and meter out function.


How it works

The WASP sends all the accounting information up to the minute, and is sent to the HIVE, which uploads all your data online to our secure servers. The information is private, and you, the customer, get your own login and password to monitor all of your locations. All you need is an internet connection in your location (cell service coming soon). You can even create alternate logins so employees, managers, and cashiers can only see what you want them to. You have the power in your hands to have all your data up to the minute. No more worrying about your numbers being off from theft. If your employee's know you get data up to the minute, it will make them think twice about skimming your revenue stream.


With built in alerts, you can receive email or texts alerts to warn you of different scenarios. Want to know if machines are turned off for a certain time period? We have an alert for that! Want to know if there was a large ticket right at the beginning of the day? Send the alert. This is particularly helpful with catching batteries die on game boards are resetting the settings. Everyone has had the issue with an IGS game battery dying. The settings get reset, and the first customer to use that machine prints a ticket for 100 times what it is actual worth. This system can tell you if the first ticket after the power cycle is over a certain amount. Bam, you caught the problem before it becomes a costly headache.

Even if the power goes down in the building or your internet goes down, the data will be saved on the WASP drones and in the WASP hive. Installation is a breeze. From start to finish, a 5 machine install should take about 30 minutes. This includes testing.

Reporting functions, graphs, charts, and data are all on the website. Track your machine numbers consistency, peak play times, and more. You will know when your customers like to use your machines the most, and you can cater to those customers and build loyalty.


  • 28 Pin Board - $195.00
  • 36 Pin Board - $195.00
  • Computer & Router - $895.00

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