Ribao JM-100D Counterfeit Currency Detector

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Ribao JM-100D Counterfeit Currency Detector

  • Currency Counterfeit Detector, Also Counts Bills
  • User-Friendly Display Menu
  • Currencies of 6 Countries or Districts, Default Setting Includes USD, EURO, JPY, HKD, GBP, CAD or KRW
  • LCD Display Has 3 Digits for Quantity of the Banknotes and 5 Digits for the Amount
  • Recognizes the Face-Value of the Banknotes Automatically
  • Displays the Result of Checking and a Detailed Report of Total Pieces and Amount by Denominations
  • Verifies Using the Technology of:
    • Colorized Optical Image Analysis Detection
    • Magnetic Marks Detection
    • Infrared Detection
    • Metal-Thread Detection
    • Ultra-Violet Spectral Detection
  • Bills Feed into Machine Automatically After Being Placed on the Input Tray
    • Real Bills Will Go Through the Machine
    • Fake Bills Will Be Ejected From Front with a Warning Buzzer
  • Verifying Speed is 0.5 Sec/Note
  • Banknote Positioning: Lengthwise, Face Up, Left Side of Input Tray
  • LCD Displays in Chinese or English
  • Uses 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz Power, Standard PC Style Power Cord Included
  • Approximate Dimensions: 2.83" High--5.04" Wide--5.43" Deep
  • CE Approved

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