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Wing Legend - 8-Player Arcade

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Wing Legend - 8-Player Arcade

Wing Legend is an exciting 8 player bird hunting arcade game, with fast paced, quick play.  This game is sure to catch the eye of any player.  With bonus birds, eagles, phoenix, and many other special in game bonuses it is sure to keep everyone anticipating the next round.
Using the joystick, the player simply aims their weapon, and shoots at the birds.  Different birds and other flying creatures are worth different point values.  The player can increase the value of their shot in order to capture birds quicker and add to their credits faster.
  • Operator Adjustable Settings with an Easy to Use On-Screen Setup 
  • New Higher Chance Level Setting
  • Operator Can Now Disable "Bullet Bounce" Feature
  • Full Accounting, Including Individual Station Accounting
  • A Password Can be Used to Get into Setup to Prevent Locations from Entering Setup Menu
The Wing Legend cabinet features attractive color changing LED lights, along with color changing LED joysticks.  Easy access to player control panels, and a 55" LCD for easy viewing for all players.  The cabinet is well built, made of light steel and is fan cooled.  There is a large speaker/subwoofer that boosts out fantastic sound with controllable volume, treble, and bass.  The cabinet is 79" Long, 58" Wide, and 30" Tall, and has hasps for padlocks on each player station door.
Wing Legend - 8-Player Arcade comes with ICT PA7 or ICT LX7 bill acceptors (accepts $1 - $100), and ICT or Pyramid Thermal Printers.  Bellis, Mars, and Pyramid bill acceptor upgrades are available.  Looking for the Goose and Gaggle/Fledgling Board System? We have that option available as well.
We take the time to build the cabinet right, and make sure everything is working perfect.  There are many imitations out there, so beware.  We only recommend the Ocean King family of games, which are proven in the industry versus the others.  Ocean King 2 - Thunder Dragon is the newest in the list of great games including:
Fish Hunter
King of Treasures
King of Treasures Plus
Ocean King
Ocean King 2 - Ocean Monster Plus
Ocean King 2 - Thunder Dragon
Wing Legend
Other Titles Available Upon Request.
Get your order in today, these machines are in high demand!  In stock and ready for delivery.


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