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Platinum Touch

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Platinum Touch 3 Touchscreen Multi-Game

Includes All Your Favorite Games from Platinum Touch 1, Platinum Touch 2 And More!

Trick or Treat 20 Liner                         Trick or Treat 2010 20 Liner                         Shamrock 7's Poker                        Cobra Cash 20 Liner                            The Prize is Right 20 Liner                           Three 7's 8 Liner
Kangaroo Cash 40 Liner                       American Treasures 9 Liner                         Sizzling 7's 8 Liner                           Reel World 8 Liner                               Pot of Gold 5 Card Draw Poker                     Bonus Ball Keno
Dungeons & Dragons 20 Liner             Moo Money 9 Liner                                     Moo Money 25 Liner                      Route 66 8 Liner                                  Superball Keno                                          Double Diamonds 5 Liner
Turbo Poker                                         Dueces Wild Poker                                       Cash Car 9 Liner                                 Cash Car 25 Liner                               Bullet Bonus Poker                                     Funky Fruit Nudge
Cold Cash 8 Liner                               Caribbean Crumble 20 Liner                        Reality Reels                                      Carnival 20 Liner                                Wheel O Treasure 25 Liner                          Reel Odyssey 20 Liner
Western Wild Reel 25 Liner                 Galactic Fortune 40 Liner                             Amazon Riches 25 Liner                Wizard Academy 20 Liner                            CLICK HERE TO SEE SCREENSHOTS OF EACH GAME

The Platinum Touch 3 is our #1 selling multi-game. This game allows you to give your customers the options auth-dist-1gray.jpg
they want. With 34 exciting games to choose from they are sure to find their favorites! With programmable options, including progressive jackpots, you control the bonus amounts you want to award.

As an official distributor of the Platinum Touch 3 we always have it in stock for you!

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