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Neon FM Arcade Game

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Product Description

Neon FM Arcade Game

Rhythm & Action Game for Arcades & Mobile. Players Pound the Five Colored Panels with Their Hands to the Beat of the Music and are Scored on Their Timing.

  • Many Difficulty Choices: Each Song Has Many Levels of Difficulty, Allowing Players of Any Skill to Play Songs That Suit Their Taste
  • Fail No More: Performing Poorly Doesn’t End the Game – The Difficulty Level is Reduced While You’re Playing
  • Save Your Progress: Use Your Unit-e Account to Save Scores, Track Your Progress, and Compete Internationally
  • Beginner Mode: Is This Your First Music Game? We Reduce the Number of Buttons and Are Much Less Strict on Timing
  • New Tracks Every Week: Every Week New Music is Released to the Game
  • Try Before You Buy: Players Can Sample Songs Before They Even Put Coins into the Machine
  • Pay Per Song, Not Per Set: Jukebox-Style Song Selection Means You’ll Always Have Enough Spare Change to Play a Song or Two
  • Modular Multiplayer: Neon FM Machines Each Support One Player, and Multiple Machines Can be Linked to Support Infinite Simultaneous Players. Players Can also Choose to Not Compete at All and Do Their Own Thing
  • Slim Design: With its Slender Width, Neon FM Leaves Plenty of Room in the Arcade for Multiple Machines
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 28″W x 36″D x 80″H
  • Premium Selections: Songs Can be Priced Separately by Arcade Operators. This Allows us to Provide Licensed Mainstream Tracks at a Premium to Casual Players, While Still Providing an Inexpensive Core Experience to Seasoned Gamers
  • Smartphone Login: Neon FM Uses the Same Proprietary QR Login System as Cardiac™ to Quickly Personalize Your Game Experience. Just Point and Shoot with Your Phone to Log In
  • Online Updates: Machines Will Periodically Receive Updates From Our Servers Containing Fixes and New Content. Even New Mixes and Any Sequels Can be Delivered Electronically

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