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Dual Screen Diamond Skill Games Platinum Cabinet

Banilla Games
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Product Description

Dual Screen Diamond Skill Games Platinum Cabinet
  • 72" High--23" Wide--20" Deep
  • Includes Your Choice of Diamond Skill Games Platinum or Platinum 2
  • Black Laminated Finish
  • Black, Two-Button Player Button Panel with Cup Holder
  • Black T-Molding Around Edge of Cabinet
  • Two 23" High Resolution CGA/VGA LCD Monitors with Touch Screen Capability
  • 550 Watt Computer Grade Power Supply
  • Includes Pyramid Phoenix Thermal Printer
  • Includes Bellis Bill Acceptor That Accepts $1-$100 (Free Upgrade from $1-$20)
  • Bill Acceptor Accepts All New Bills, Including the Newly Released $100
  • Pyramid APEX or ICT $1-$20 Available by Request (No Additional Charge)
  • Optional Upgrade to Pyramid APEX or ICT $1-$100 Bill Acceptor With Stacker (Additional $50)
  • Twist & Lock Player Buttons
  • Eye Bolt Security Hasp & Cabinet Locks w/Keys
  • Digital Meters On Request
  • Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master 8 Liner Harness (Wired Complete)
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty On Bill Acceptor
  • 1 Year Warranty On Remaining Components

Diamond Platinum 1 (6 in 1)

  • Bathtime Bucks - Hot Swap
  • Hungry Monkey - Hot Swap
  • Gameshow Glitz - Hot Swap
  • Major Cash - Nudge
  • Oil Rush - Nudge
  • Lucky Striker - Nudge

Diamond Platinum 2 (5 in 1)

  • Wizard's Wheel - Nudge
  • Classic Heat - Nudge
  • Nudge Monkey - Nudge
  • Frenzy of the Gods - Nudge
  • Nut Shack - Nudge

Note Regarding Sales to Customers in the State of Wisconsin:

Pursuant to an agreement between Great Lakes Amusement and Banilla Games, sale of this product in the State of Wisconsin is limited to current members of the Wisconsin Amusement Machine Operators Association (WAMO). Before shipment to Wisconsin, we will verify membership in WAMO.


Note: Products sold by Great Lakes Amusement are offered for entertainment purposes only. The operations of any games and the features therein may be subject to various state and/or local laws or regulations. It is not intended to solicit the sale of such games in any jurisdiction wherein the same may not be lawfully sold or operated. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to fully investigate the legal requirements in their own jurisdiction prior to purchase. Great Lakes Amusement is not responsible for items or systems that are used for any other purpose than entertainment or for systems that have been altered or relocated to a city, county or state whose regulations limit the ownership of such equipment.