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Audio Add-On Board


Product Description

Audio Add-On Board

The Audio Add-On Board allows you to quickly and easily add audio features to any new or existing amusement game including:
  • Coin Pushers
  • Cherry Master or Pot-O-Gold Style Games
  • Redemption Games
  • Crane Games
  • Anything with a Coin Drop or Bill Acceptor
The board comes with an easy add sensor to attach to a coin pusher coin chute or game coin acceptor.  Add your audio files to an SD card, slide it into the board, and add speakers (SD card and speakers NOT INCLUDED).  Every time a coin or token passes by the sensor, the audio files will play in order on the speakers for 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds (settable by the operator).  If another coin or token passes the sensor, it simply re-starts for the amount of time chosen by the operator.  Once the time expires, the board stops playing the audio files.
Not using it in a coin pusher or with a coin acceptor? No problem.  Simply remove the sensor and tap the coin pulse line into the harness and the music will play for every pulse sent to the board.  A truly simple add-on to virtually any machine!
The Audio Add-On Board also has on-board buttons for easy testing which includes Play, Stop, Pause, Next, and Previous.  Quick and easy installation make it an easy add-on for your machine.

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